• Preferred shareholder for redemption of his preferred shares
  • Limousine company to obtain passenger transportation licence
  • Corporation for share transfer
  • Insurance company in asset purchase of another insurance company
  • Salvage firm in preparation of lease
  • Software developer in termination of employee
  • Limousine company in share purchase of limousine company
  • Limousine company for Motor Carrier application
  • Federally incorporated technology firm to reorganize its share capital
  • Provided corporate advice to companies and societies with registered offices at our firm
  • Helicopter operator regarding helicopter manufacturing



  • Writer needing copyright advice for manuscript
  • Group of shop owners in defence of video piracy claim in Federal Court following Anton Pillar order
  • Businessman suing for failure of software developer to deliver contracted programs
  • Software developer to resolve licensing agreement dispute
  • BC Hydro to obtain registration of Power Smart official mark
  • Society in negotiations with Provincial government over copyright to work produced
  • Software developers to provide programmer agreements, source code agreements, non-disclosure agreements, distribution agreements, licensing agreements, technology transfer agreements, technology training agreements,   software development agreements



  • Creditor pursuing claim. Obtained default judgment.
  • Coop member defending against eviction. Eviction defeated.
  • Tenant being evicted. Eviction cancelled.
  • Debtor being pursued by credit agency.
  • Creditor with court order. Obtained warrant for arrest of debtor.
  • Creditor with court order. Obtained Canada-wide warrant for arrest of debtor.
  • Tenant defending against damage claim. Claim defeated.
  • Tenant defending against damage claim. Claim settled.
  • Tenant defending against improper eviction.
  • Landlord removing dishonest and destructive tenants. Tenant defending against eviction. Obtained money for wrongful act of landlord.
  • Persons defending a claim for damages from alleged assault.
  • Patient of dentist suing for unsatisfactory work.
  • Client of law firm sued for non-payment of fees. Obtained order setting aside a default judgment
  • Money transfer firm threatened with closure of bank accounts. Applied for injunction. Bank accounts kept open
  • Teacher pursuing years of litigation over pension benefits. Obtained the pension benefits with a lifetime value of over one million dollars
  • Person sued for online defamation. Defended our client and resolved by settlement with no monies paid
  • Parties facing contempt of court hearing and substantial costs following loss in court with another lawyer. Defended and settled all matters before deadline
  • Tenant wishing to terminate tenancy as a result of failure by landlord to repair. Lease terminated
  • Company in suit over wrongful domain name registration and trademark infringement by a competitor. Obtained payment for damages
  • Businessman sued for operating a pyramid scheme
  • Lender to recover money loaned. Obtained default judgment for $730,000
  • An estate in the Court of Appeal involving a joint account issue
  • Owners of a gypsum mine regarding expropriation by the Provincial government
  • A telephone company employee regarding wrongful dismissal
  • The first wife against the estate of a billionaire ship owner who died without a will –Karlshoej v. Karlshoej
  • Software developer in defence of a copyright infringement claim
  • A technology consultant firm in claim for monies owed
  • An estate to obtain an order for special costs
  • Insurance company for loss
  • Widow owed monies by mill owner. Obtained payment of nearly $300,000 through garnishment procedures
  • Accountant who was not paid his wages. Obtained judgment for over $100,000
  • Software developer in the Court of Appeal regarding an injunction, Gudaitis v. Abacus
  • Landlord to evict tenant for damaging house
  • Son defending against false accusation of elder abuse. Accusation defeated

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