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David Varty
Mr. David Varty did an absolutely terrific job for me in defeating a resolution to evict me from a co-op. I cannot say enough about how well I was treated by David. I would call upon the services and expertise of Mr. Varty without hesitation should the need arise. Thank you so much David.
Kelly Hincks

David Varty
Very clear in explaining the procedure.
Connie Tseu

David Varty
David Varty was essential in my recent legal dispute with my landlord that after 6 months led me to winning the case. He helped me understand how system works with intricate technical detail, how arbitrators make decisions, my rights, my disadvantage as well as my advantage. David was punctual, communicative, very good listener and dedicated to my case that had several arbitration hearings over long period of time. I would highly recommend David and his team to anyone in need of experienced lawyer in a case of landlord and tenant dispute.
James Dittiger

David Varty
It was comforting to have David's expert advice and his dedicated thorough manner.
Miss Sweeney

David Varty
Very professional and very helpful. I was able to reach to a high satisfaction with the services provided by David Varty.
Luis Fortin

David Varty
Outstanding! Mr. Varty was absolutely "spot on". Compassionate, thorough, articulate and a superb example of a "top gun" BC lawyer. Thank you.
M. Stuart

Brent Ellingson
Thank you for your great service.
Alanna Strangway

David Varty
- prompt with responses by phone and email
- was readily available for meeting
- explained likely outcomes of my case
- made good comments and edits of draft evidence submission prepared
  by client
- negotiated an agreement settling the matter
Reuben Ware

David Varty
Excellent service all way round and he is extremely knowledgeable of his field.
John Sveen

Brent Ellingson
I heard of Varty & Company through online search and did call them and meet attorney Ellingson. This law firm is honest and sincere and very good actually in handling case. I would highly recommend them and use them again in the future. I couldnít thank them enough. The best ever law firm.
Eri Fujii

Brent Ellingson
Brentís level of professionalism was second to none. From beginning to end I felt comfortable and secure in his judgement and I have nothing but gratitude and high recommendation for your company.
Michael Marshall

Brent Ellingson
Very pleased with the manner my case was managed from its start last year to its conclusion this year. Would not hesitate to use the service at any time.
Don Rock

David Varty
Mr. Varty was extremely kind, helpful and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend his services.
C. Miller

Neil Ornstein
My wife and I were very pleased and satisfied with your services... Your honesty and professionalism won us our respect... ...His team was very professional and our case was handled in a very timely manner. We are extremely pleased with the outcome and highly recommend his services to our family and friends.
Antonio Bulacso and Rochelle Bulanadi

David Varty
David provided me with the best possible service. I will work with him anytime in the future.
Juan Ocampo

Neil Ornstein

I wanted to let everyone know how helpful this experience was. Neil was a compassionate person to talk to and to relate to. He understood my needs and how I was feeling with the injuries and pain I was in. Thank you Neil for all your hard work.

Neil Ornstein

The services I was provided were more than I could have expected. I am glad I chose to get Varty & Company to represent me in my claim because I never could have anticipated the result that was achieved. Thank you so much for your efforts on my behalf!
Rachel Allan

David Varty
Your assistance was instrumental in this achievement. Your skill, determination and tireless efforts in my behalf will never be forgotten. You accomplished what others thought impossible or, at the least, highly improbable. You never gave up and your cheerful and optimistic attitude helped keep my spirits high.
Howard Schumann

Neil Ornstein
I wish to thank you very much for the exceptional job your firm did on my behalf.
Wendy Addison

David Varty
A great deal was at stake for all of us, and without your legal assistance, we shudder to think of what consequences would have unfolded. On behalf of my entire family, I want to offer you our most sincere gratitude.
Kedrick James

Neil Ornstein
Your patience has been wonderfully accommodating. Thanks for everything, and no matter what the outcome is we know you worked hard.

David Varty
I want to express my thanks to you for helping me with this collections situation. Your expertise and kindness in handling everything was invaluable. Thank you so much for your professional and effective help. I won’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone who needs assistance with a collections or aircraft issue.
Lillian Ames

Neil Ornstein
Varty & Company is very good, very helpful. I am satisfied.
Mostak Kahalac

David Varty
This is to say thank you to you, as I appreciate your meticulous working style and professionalism.
Dealing with the court system can be a dreadful experience; often I found this case frustrating, painful and far too long, but your decision making ability and perseverance put me at ease.
When I complained about the heavy expenses in the year 1997, you agreed to defend me, even without charging the personal fee. And you kept this promise till the end. There are very few who maintain this high standard of work ethic and loyalty.
As an administrator your managing of my personal fund was commendable. Once again, I thank you for your legal expertise, hard work and your deep understanding of my situation.
Wishing you and your family a prosperous, healthy and happy life.
Mrs Sushil Kaur

Neil Ornstein
In my experience, Mr. Ornstein was always well prepared and diligent in his representation of his clients. As well, he was invariably one of the most professional and courteous counsel to appear at refugee hearings.
Kurt Neuenfeldt, formerly of the Immigration and Refugee Board

David Varty
I want to thank you for seeing us through our annual report problem. I haven’t had such an effective “fuss budget” at my disposal in many years, so I feel very confident that we have solved the “partner” problem.
Judy Thorsen

Neil Ornstein
Neil is a very conscientious and thorough lawyer who takes pride in his work. Peter Watts

David Varty
Please accept my sincere appreciation for your efforts and hospitality during my visit to Vancouver on October 8, 1992.
Premier Clyde Wells

Neil Ornstein
I commend your integrity and the professional manner in which you carried out your duties as Counsel.
Lynda-May K. (Angus) O’Brien, Immigration and Refugee Board

David Varty
Nous tenons à vous remercier de l’empressement avec lequel vous avez répondu à notre invitation et participé à la soirée référendaire du 26 octobre dernier.
René Myrand Hélène Daigneault, Société Radio-Canada

Neil Ornstein
Claimants seldom spoke English and many were unaccustomed to the formal nature of the process. There were moments of tension and misunderstanding in many hearings. Mr. Ornstein was a model of professionalism and integrity at all times.
Gordon W. King, formerly of the Immigration and Refugee Board

David Varty
Your support and contribution to public legal education and to the community is greatly appreciated.
Jeane Cook The People’s Law School

Neil Ornstein
Not only have I found your legal advice to be of considerable value in the strict “technical” sense, but I also felt very comfortable with the competent way in which you maintained and developed the many important external contacts, often of a delicate nature.
F.J.N. Spoke, formerly of the Port of Vancouver

David Varty
Your management of our affairs at a critical time is exemplary. On behalf of the board of our Society, I want to express our appreciation and gratitude.
Digby Peers Asia Pacific Festival Society

David Varty
I would like to extend my warmest congratulations on your election as a delegate from Vancouver Centre to the Liberal leadership convention in June.
Jean Chretien

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