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david varty law

david varty lawyer vancouver canada
supreme court litigation




Skilled communicator

Sound advice

Legal knowledge

- courtroom, public forums, radio and T.V.
- written briefs, legal articles and five books

- Canadian government regulatory
- Supreme Court litigation since 1980,
- In-house counsel experience,
- Operating a law firm since 1984

- masters of Law from McGill University
- handling complex litigation
  and commercial matters
- teaching at Continuing Legal Education
  and Simon Fraser University

David Varty was called to the British Columbia Bar in 1980. He practiced civil litigation in Vancouver and then served as counsel with the Department of Justice and with the Canadian Transport Commission in Ottawa. In 1984 he founded Varty & Company. He has written over 40 publications on legal and public issues. He is fluent in French and English.

brent ellingson law

brent ellingson lawyer vancouver canada
supreme court litigation




Breadth of Knowledge
& Experience

Court Experience

Balanced Perspective

- criminal law
- family law
- contract litigation
- civil litigation
- ICBC and personal injury law
- corporate law
- aboriginal business and litigation

- BC Provincial Court, BC Supreme Court
  and the BC Court of Appeal
- Mediations, Arbitrations
- Administrative Tribunals

- Experience as litigator, in-house counsel
  and business solicitor
- University degrees in Science, English and Law

Brent Ellingson has a law degree from the University of Victoria and was called to the Bar in 2003. He practices in general litigation, including family and criminal law, ICBC and personal Injury matters, and a variety of civil litigation. He has previously practiced as a solicitor for BC First Nations in matters of natural resource development, at a Vancouver family law boutique, and as in-house counsel for a West Vancouver business. He is also a former nominee to the Income Assistance Tribunal, hearing recipients’ applications for review of government decisions about their benefits.

Former Lawyer
neil ornstein law

neil ornstein lawyer vancouver canada
government law

Practiced Law for 52 years

25 years with Varty & Company

Depth of knowledge

Court experience

Balanced approach

- extensive experience in administrative
  and government law.

- preparation and attendances
  at administrative tribunals and the
  Federal Court of Canada
  Personal injury and ICBC claims

- from Canadian government regulatory
- from in house counsel experience

Neil Ornstein has a law degree from the University of British Columbia. He was a solicitor with BC Hydro and in house counsel for the National Harbour Board and the Vancouver Port Corporation. He is active in the Lions Club. He served as President of both the Vancouver Waterfront Lions Club and the Vancouver Central Lions Club.

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